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March, 2006

This is a shot of a nearby church. Interestingly, it was the very church my parents were married in over 60 years ago.

It was taken under less than desirable shooting conditions, so there was a bit of backlighting. Adding to the problem was that, even though I stood across the road from it as far back as I could get (and using a wide angle), I was not able to get the entire building into the shot. My solution was to take the image in two parts (one, of the main part of the church, the second, panning up to get the steeple), and splice the two images together.

Keep in mind that  this image is constructed from two separate images!

In the original scene, there were a horrendous number of telephone and other power lines in the foreground. They HAD to go! It was tedious work, especially  where the lines intersected with roof lines and brick work. Zooming in very tightly, I selected individual bricks, copied, and pasted them into place, brick by brick! I also either cloned, or copied and pasted, neighboring areas wherever the lines intersected the building elements. The next step was to remove the lines from the skyline areas.

Finally, I adjusted the levels, curves and saturation to obtain what you see below. These images are low res thumbnails of the originals, and I don't know how they will display on other peoples monitor, but here is my final result--the original 11x14 is matted, framed, and hangs on my wall. I plan on donating a copy to the church, and to the local Historical Society. It is a very unique photograph of this particular church--one which I doubt exists anywhere else!




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